May 23, 2023

Community Building - what it is, how to do it and what it means

In an increasingly digital world where we are all more connected than ever before, community building plays a central role. But what does that actually mean? Community building is the process of bringing together individuals with common interests or goals to form a community. These communities, which can exist both online and offline, provide a space for discussion, collaboration, and mutual support. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the concept of community building, discussing its importance and the benefits it can provide.


May 18, 2023

Building a Web3-native Community Platform

This blog post talks about Common Ground, a new kind of online community platform. It's built with the latest tech (Web3) to make chatting and decision-making easier and more secure for groups. The post explains how Common Ground respects user privacy, allows users to show their unique identities, and lets communities set their own rules. It also mentions future plans to add more cool features. The goal is to make Common Ground a great place for all types of communities, from hobby clubs to professional organizations.


Apr 26, 2023

About us

About the founders of Common Ground and why building a new, fairer social network is important for democracy

Headshot of Florian Glatz

Florian Glatz ·

Mar 20, 2023

Our Roadmap for Q2 2023

We've been asked by some of our communities what the next few months will bring to the Common Ground platform in terms of new features and usability improvements. As promised, here is the rundown.

Headshot of Florian Glatz

Florian Glatz ·

Feb 12, 2023

The power of metaphors

What would be a good metaphor to describe Common Ground? We all have a vision of what this platform could one day turn into. Finding a good metaphor, can help other people see it already today, despite some missing features or other shortcomings.

Headshot of Florian Glatz

Flávia Macêdo ·

Jan 19, 2023

Community Spotlight - Collective Brain

If you want to be part of a Collective Intelligence community to find friends to connect and collaborate with, Collective Brain is the perfect spot.