5 tips for building your community as a creator

Whether you represent a creator, a brand or a group of like-minded people, building and maintaining a vibrant online community is critical to your success online.

Whether you represent a creator, a brand or a group of like-minded people, building and maintaining a vibrant online community is critical to your success online.


Published on August 29, 2023

August 29, 2023

As a creator, community is your superpower.

 It's more important than ever to gather a strong and engaged community around you. These virtual communities offer countless opportunities for sharing knowledge, collaborating on projects, supporting each other and much more. But building and maintaining such a community requires targeted strategies and a clear plan. This is exactly where we want to support you.


Our goal is to provide you with valuable information and practical advice to help you successfully create your own online community on Common Ground. Together, we can build a vibrant and supportive community where members learn from each other, inspire each other, and achieve great things together.


So let's get started right now and discover how you can build a strong online community that becomes a source of inspiration, growth, and collaboration.


1) Identifying and attracting the right audience to your community

To build a strong online community on Common Ground, it's critical to identify the right audience and make them aware of your community. Especially for creators who want to share their passions and talents, it's important to target people who are interested in their content and can benefit from their expertise. Here are some steps that can help you do that:


Clearly define your target audience

In order to target the right people, it is essential to know your target audience well. Ask yourself questions like: What interests do your potential members have? What needs or challenges do they have? What age group or geographic region does your content appeal to? By creating a detailed audience profile, you can target the needs and interests of your potential community members.


Use audience analytics tools

There are several tools and platforms that can help you learn more about your audience. For example, analyze demographics, interests, and behavior patterns of your current followers, or use keyword research to find out what potential members are searching for. These insights will help you target your content and marketing strategies to your audience.


Expert tip: Ask your existing fans who they are and what makes them different - this way you can create personas for your target group!


Attract attention

Once you've defined your target audience, it's time to attract their attention. Use social media platforms to share your content and draw attention to your community. Use relevant hashtags and share your expertise in relevant online communities and forums. Offer free resources or exclusive benefits to community members to generate interest and attract new members.


Networking and collaborations

Take advantage of opportunities to network with other Creators and build collaborative partnerships. Joint projects, guest posts, or mutual recommendations can help expand your reach and attract new potential members.


At Common Ground, networking across communities is especially important and it works extremely well. That's because you can join any other communities (that aren't token-gated) and network with the moderators of those communities.


2) Foster active presence and interaction within your community

After identifying your target audience and making them aware of your community, it is critical to maintain an active presence and interaction within your community on Common Ground. Through regular interaction and engagement, you can build a strong bond with your community members and encourage them to actively participate. Here are some steps you can take:


Post and update regularly

Keep your community informed by creating relevant and engaging posts on a regular basis. Share inspirational content, informative resources, or tips and tricks that will help your audience. Make sure your posts are consistent and add value.


Respond to comments and messages

Show your community that you value their opinions and questions by actively responding to comments and messages. Answer questions, thank them for feedback, and encourage discussion. This creates an atmosphere of engagement and openness.

At Common Ground, you can create different channels in your community where you can engage with the community on different topics - take advantage of this and be present in the channels!


Organize events and discussions

Use Common Ground's features to organize video calls and voice calls within your community. This provides a valuable opportunity to meet your community members in person, learn together, and share ideas. This type of event strengthens the sense of togetherness and encourages interaction between members.


Encourage content contribution

Motivate your community members to contribute content themselves and actively engage. Ask them to share their experiences, ideas, or questions. This creates a dynamic community where everyone can contribute.


By maintaining an active presence in your community and encouraging interaction, you create an atmosphere of engagement and community. At Common Ground, you have the ability to bring the entire community together through video calls and voice calls, and facilitate face-to-face interaction.


3) Provide valuable content within your community - make your group exclusive!

To further increase the interest and participation of your community members on Common Ground, it is of great importance to provide valuable content. By providing relevant and quality information and resources, you will pique the interest of your target audience and build a trusting relationship. Moreover, by doing so, you can increase the exclusive factor of your group.

Here are some approaches that can help you do that:


Relevant and interesting topics

Identify the needs and interests of your community members and target your content accordingly. Provide them with information that is relevant and useful to them. Find exciting topics and trends in your field and share your expertise and perspectives on them.


Provide consistent, high-quality content

Make sure you provide new content regularly while maintaining high quality. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, check your facts, and present your content in an engaging and well-structured way. Providing high-quality content shows your professionalism and increases the trust of your community.


Involve the community in content creation

Offer your community the opportunity to participate in content creation. Invite them to share their questions, ideas, or experiences and incorporate them into your content. This creates a strong bond and shows that you value their opinions.

By providing valuable content, you add value to your community members and establish yourself as an expert in your field. This encourages engagement and appreciation within your community on Common Ground.


4) Create a positive community culture 

A positive community culture is key to the long-term success of your online community on Common Ground. A supportive and respectful environment encourages member engagement, strengthens bonds with each other, and creates an atmosphere of trust. Here are some steps you can take to establish a positive community culture:


Establish clear rules of conduct

Define clear rules of conduct and guidelines for your community members. These rules should promote respect, civility, and constructive exchanges. Make sure members are aware that derogatory or offensive comments will not be tolerated.


Promote respect and helpfulness

Encourage your community members to treat each other with respect and helpfulness. Create a culture where questions are welcome and members support each other. By setting an example and fostering positive communication, you set the tone for the community.


Moderation and conflict resolution

As a community leader, you are responsible for moderating and resolving conflicts. Follow the established rules of conduct and intervene when inappropriate behavior or conflicts arise. Be respectful and try to de-escalate the situation and find a positive solution. At Common Ground, you can assign different roles in your community and thus get moderation support from your loyal fans or even other people you trust very much.


Recognize and reward community members

Show appreciation for the active participation and contributions of your community members. For example, regularly publish posts highlighting individual members or recognizing their successes. Incentivize by offering rewards or exclusive benefits for engaged members.


By creating a positive community culture, you create a supportive environment where members feel comfortable and valued. This encourages engagement, interaction, and long-term growth of your community on Common Ground.


5) Involve the community in decision-making processes – Use votings!

To build a strong bond with your online community on Common Ground, it's important to actively involve them in decision-making processes. By participating in decisions, members feel valued and that their opinions matter. Here are some ways you can involve the community in decision-making processes:


Polls and solicit feedback

Use Common Ground's features to hold polls and surveys. Offer your community the opportunity to voice their opinions on specific topics, projects, or directions of your community. This allows members to actively participate in shaping the community.


Involve members in decisions

Think of your community as a partnership in which members have a say. For example, let them help decide on topics for future content or planning events. This creates a sense of ownership and strengthens identification with the community.


Recognize and reward

Show appreciation for the contributions and commitment of community members who actively participate in decision-making processes. For example, mention them in publications or reward them with exclusive benefits or drops. This not only motivates participation, but also strengthens the bond with your community.


Open communication and transparency

Keep your community members informed about decisions and developments. Communicate openly and transparently, sharing your thoughts and the reasons behind certain decisions. This builds trust and shows that you take members' opinions and needs seriously.


By involving the community in decision-making processes, you create an engaged and more loyal community on Common Ground. The ability to hold votes facilitates this process and allows you to easily gauge members' opinions and preferences.


Summary: Why you should build a strong community 

Building a strong online community is critical to the success of Creators and other dedicated people who want to share their passions and talents. With Common Ground, you have powerful support on your side to build a thriving community.