Token gate anything on Common Ground with Roles

Everyone's heard of token gating, but what is it, and how do you leverage it on Common Ground?

Everyone's heard of token gating, but what is it, and how do you leverage it on Common Ground?


Published on January 17, 2024

January 17, 2024

Token gate anything on Common Ground with Roles

Everyone's heard of token gating, but what is it, and how do you leverage it on Common Ground?

What is Token Gating?

In crypto/web3, "token gating" is synonymous with exclusivity. Token gating is a popular mechanism that unlocks new ways to engage and reward communities.

Token gating is an access control mechanism that hinges on the ownership of specific cryptographic tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Access to certain services, content, or experiences is exclusively reserved for those who possess these tokens. This concept is an important part of Web3, offering a unique blend of exclusivity and community engagement.

Creating the feeling of "wanting to have it" when launching an NFT collection is the entire battle. It can be because of the unique art style, because of exclusivity, because it unlocks special privileges. Exclusivity is where Common Ground becomes extremely interesting.

At a technical level, token gating operates through smart contracts on blockchain platforms. These contracts autonomously verify the ownership of the required tokens, granting or restricting access accordingly. This verification is decentralized and transparent. With token gating, communities can cultivate exclusive experiences, whether it be access to premium content, special events, or unique services, thereby adding a layer of value and exclusivity to token ownership.

And remember: first you build the community and market towards a generalised audience, and second, after the mint (launch of the collection), you market towards your members.

This is important and increases the value of being and becoming a member.How Token Gating works on Common GroundOn Common Ground, access control and token gating works by using Roles. Whenever you post an article, or create a chat, or start a call, you can set which roles can see it, read it, or participate.

It's quite simple, you create a role, decide who can have it and what it can do.

There are currently 3 options:

  • Roles can only be assigned to someone by an Admin

  • Roles can be claimed by anyone

  • Roles can be claimed by specific token holders

That means that in just a few clicks, you can create exclusive spaces, content and events by using roles.

Here's our Common Ground community setup:

You can see 3 fixed roles, Admin, Guests, and Members.

  • Admins are all-powerful and can set up everything in a community, distribute carefully.

  • Guests are any users who are visiting your community but haven't joined yet.

  • Members are all users who have joined your community.

On top of that, you can create Custom Roles, with custom requirements and permissions.

ℹ️ Be aware that if you give full permissions to Guests, then it doesn't matter if you limit permissions of Members or custom Roles, because the weakest role (Guests) can already access it.

You can see on the image that I have selected an example Role called 'Verified Communities', which can be Claimed, and has been Token Gated with a required token.

You can use any of 9 EVM Blockchains for gating already, and we'll be adding more soon (looking at you, LUKSO 👀)

Once you've set up Roles for different segments of your community, you can easily create exclusive content for them in the community.

Exclusive Posts

When you create a post, you can set which Roles can read it, and which can only preview it (they'll see the tile, but when they click it, they'll see the gate). Here's what that looks like:

A post that only users with the Councillor role can Read, but all members can Preview.

Exclusive Chats

When you create a chat, you can set which roles can chat, which can only read, and which can only see a preview (They'll see the chat name on the sidebar with a lock symbol). Here's an example:

Here is a chat in Common Ground that nobody can access or see except the CG Core Team

Exclusive Calls

When creating a call, you can limit which roles can join. This is an advanced permission so Admins can choose who can do it. Here's an example call setup:

In this example, only Editors can see and join this call

Encountering a Gate

When users click on a post or chat which is Gated, they will encounter something like this:

A chat gate

This shows the user that the content or chat is locked, and that a role is required. In this case, I see that the PunX MaXi role is Token Gated, and requires that I own 10 or more PUNX on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Once I hold these PUNX in my wallet which I have connected to Common Ground, this role will become claimable to me automatically. CG is smart that way!

If I lose access to those PUNX (by selling them, for example), I will lose access to the Role, and therefore the content. That creates a trustless environment where you can be sure people have the right tokens.


Common Ground has made building communities with Token Gating simpler with Roles. You can reward your community with exclusive content, chats, and live events by using Token Gated Roles.

It allows for a streamlined, tidy, and engaged community.We'll be adding more Blockchains, more Gating mechanics, and more content options as we continue building Common Ground, allowing for increasingly rich types of communities and roles to emerge.

Thanks a lot for reading, and let us know anytime if you have any questions.

Lots of love 💙

The CG Team