Everything you were afraid to ask about web3

In this blog post we demystify common questions surrounding web3. From understanding web3 community platforms to diving into the potential of making money in web3, we've got you covered. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tech enthusiast, this post offers insights for everyone!

In this blog post we demystify common questions surrounding web3. From understanding web3 community platforms to diving into the potential of making money in web3, we've got you covered. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tech enthusiast, this post offers insights for everyone!


Published on September 29, 2023

September 29, 2023

Web3 has become a buzzword in the tech world, and with its rise, many questions have emerged. In this blog post, we'll answer some of the most common questions about web3, and introduce you to the thriving web3 community platform, Common Ground.

What is a community platform for Web3?

A community platform for Web3 is a digital space where individuals can come together, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and engage in discussions. Unlike traditional platforms, Web3 communities leverage tokens to manage memberships, monetize their community, distribute royalties, gate access to chats, content and roles, and much more. Blockchain technology allows web3 communities to manage funds collectively, ensure transparency, share ownership in communal assets and vote on important issues. Common Ground brings makes all of these functionalities easy to use without any prior knowledge about web3.

What's the best community in Web3?

While there are many thriving communities in Web3, one standout is the Common Ground community. The Common Ground community gathers all the people who are interested in building web3 communities together. People from all walks of life come together under the Common Ground umbrella to foster collaboration, innovation, and shared learning, making it a go-to place for Web3 enthusiasts. Recently, Common Ground started to bring entire Ecosystems onto its platform. Ecosystems are clusters of communities, based on shared values and sometimes also shared technologies such as a specific blockchain or identity system.

How do I find communities on Web3?

You can find Web3 communities easily on the Common Ground community discovery page. Additionally, many Web3 communities are active on social media platforms, making them easy to discover. Check for example who the Common Ground account follows on X (née Twitter) to discover the social media presence of many web3 communities. If you're new to web3 and want to talk to friendly people, come by and say "hi".

What is an example of a Web3 community?

The Common Ground community is a prime example of a Web3 community. It's currently home to approximately 1000 people who are passionate about the possibilities unlocked by web3, specifically when it's made easy to use for everyone. That's also the mission of the Common Ground platform: make web3 so simple that any community can start using it. Interested to try it out for yourself? Discover Common Ground and its many, many communities.

How do I start a Web3 community?

In the past, starting a web3 community was hard. Web3 communities were complicated to set up, maintain and grow. Coordinating an entire web3 ecosystem was even harder. Communities were fragmented across many different tools that solved only narrow problems, such as governance, funding, token issuance, identity management, treasury management and more. In reality, even web3 communities were forced to live on web2 platforms, who didn't offer native integrations of the web3 protocols these communities relied on.

Today, thanks to Common Ground, things are very different. To start a web3 community, you simply navigate to the Common Ground app and click on the button that says "Create a Community". You give it a name, a nice logo and - optionally - additional information about its purpose and related info and that's it: you've just created your first web3 community. Isn't that simple?

Here are some more tips on starting a Web3 community:

  • identify a niche or focus area. There are many great examples for you to look at

  • write some articles in your community to better explain its mission & purpose

  • share your articles on social media to help others discover your community

  • engage your members through discussions, events, and collaborations

Is Facebook using Web3?

Facebook, now known as Meta, is a prime example of a "web2 platform". It's not web3 because you don't truly own your community when you create it on Facebook. Your community can be removed, censored, demonetized or deplatformed at will by Facebook. In web3, things are different. You truly own your community and members. Nobody can censor or deplatform you because your essential data is stored o a decentralized, distributed ledger called the blockchain. Want to learn more about this? Drop by the Common Ground community and spark a conversation.

How to make money in Web3?

Web3 community platforms like Common Ground offer entirely new ways to monetize your community and make a living from it! On Common Ground you can

  • create and sell Community Keys which are required to access all or just some parts of your community

  • sell subscriptions to your community members to receive helpful information or get access to talk to you

  • offer valuable services to others on topics that you are an expert in

  • give online seminars with live video streaming or sell recorded lectures to your community members

  • build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and participate in their revenue-sharing models

And so much more. Curious? Get started today!

What is Web3 for beginners?

Web3 is the next evolution of the web, built on blockchain technology. Web3 fixes many of the problems that the web had in its previous era called web2. Web3 gives ownership and sovereignty back to people like you, to decide for yourself who should have access to your data, how you want to monetize your community and which speech norms you want to enforce in your community. Web3 is a revolution and it's people like you that will decide whether and how it's going to change the world we live in.

How to make income in Web3?

It's much easier to make an income in web3 than in web2. Making an income in web3 starts with building a community. Your community can support you in many different ways, including financially. With Common Ground, everyone can build a web3 community and leverage community tokens to make an income. Curious? Check out Common Ground and explore the new world of web3.

Can I learn Web3 without coding?

Absolutely! Coding is not required to get started in web3. The most important thing in web3 is to build a community around your idea. While coding can be beneficial, there are many aspects of Web3, like understanding its principles and participating in communities through web3 community platforms like Common Ground, that don't require coding skills.

What language do I need to learn for Web3?

If you're interested in Web3 development, Solidity is the primary programming language for Ethereum-based applications. Other blockchain platforms have their languages, but Solidity is a great starting point. If you want to check out other languages look at Sway, the programming language for the Fuel Blockchain.

If you want to get started in web3 without learning to program, start building a community on Common Ground. It's easy and fun and you can start to make an income in no time.

Is Web3 for everyone?

Yes, Web3 is for everyone! Whether you're a developer, artist, entrepreneur, or just a curious individual, there's a place for you in the Web3 world. To find other people curious about web3, start to explore some communities on Common Ground.

How many people are active in Web3?

It's challenging to pinpoint an exact number, but millions of people are engaged in various Web3 platforms, dApps, and communities, with numbers growing daily. Common Ground makes it super easy to find other people active in web3. You can connect, exchange and find new friends. You can even build your own community around an idea you're passionate about!

How do I participate in Web3?

It's easy! To participate in Web3, join a web3 community on Common Ground. Make new friends and ask all the questions you've ever had about web3.

In conclusion, Web3 is an exciting frontier with endless possibilities. Whether you're looking to learn, earn, or simply engage, there's a place for you in this decentralized world. Join Common Ground to start your Web3 journey today!