Community Building - what it is, how to do it and what it means

In an increasingly digital world where we are all more connected than ever before, community building plays a central role. But what does that actually mean?

In an increasingly digital world where we are all more connected than ever before, community building plays a central role. But what does that actually mean?


Published on May 23, 2023

May 23, 2023

Why you should build an online community

In today's digital landscape, community building has become especially important. It offers companies and individuals - from major brands to independent content creators - the opportunity to build deep and lasting relationships with their audiences. At Common Ground, we believe the power of communities cannot be underestimated. Through our platform, we enable Creators to build, nurture and grow their unique communities.

Online communities have established themselves as a particularly powerful tool in the modern, digital world. Unlike offline communities, they are not limited by geographic boundaries. They enable exchange and interaction between people from all over the world who might otherwise never have met. For creators, online communities offer enormous potential for scaling and increasing reach. They enable constant communication and interaction with audiences regardless of time and place.

Online communities are also an effective way to gain insights into audience needs, preferences and behaviors. They can serve as a barometer for customer feedback and provide valuable data for product development and marketing strategies. 

For creators, online communities create a platform where they can build a direct, personal relationship with their followers. They can share their work, receive feedback and involve their followers in the creative process.  

Last but not least, online communities foster a sense of belonging and community among members. They provide a space for like-minded people to share ideas, find support and grow together. At a time when many people are spending more time at home and practicing social distancing, online communities can provide a valuable social connection.

But what is community building actually?

Community building refers to the process of forming, developing and nurturing a community in which individuals are connected by common interests, goals or values. It's about creating an environment where people can interact with each other, build relationships, and develop a strong bond with the community.

In an online environment, such as the platform offered by Common Ground, community building often involves building and moderating discussion forums, organizing and hosting virtual events, and creating opportunities for members to connect and collaborate. It's about creating a sense of belonging and identification that encourages members to actively participate in the community and contribute to its growth.

But community building goes far beyond establishing a base of followers or customers. It is an ongoing process that requires active efforts to keep the community alive, encourage member engagement, and create a positive and supportive atmosphere. It is the process of helping a group of individuals move from mere followers or customers to an engaged and connected community.

The evolution of community building

The concept of community building is not new, but it has undergone a significant transformation in the digital age. In the past, communities existed primarily at the local level, bound by geographic proximity or shared physical activities. However, the rise of the Internet and digital technologies has changed the playing field and made it possible for communities to emerge regardless of geographic boundaries. 

With the emergence of social media and digital platforms in the early 2000s, community building became a central aspect of the digital space. Companies and brands began to realize the potential of creating and nurturing online communities to drive customer engagement and build brand loyalty. 

The next chapter in the evolution of community building began with the emergence of platforms designed specifically for community building and nurturing. Common Ground is an example of such platforms, allowing creators to build and maintain their own unique online communities. We provide a new home for your communtiy; to encourage engagement, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and enable a deeper connection between your fans.

In this new digital age, community building is more important than ever. It has evolved from an optional strategy to a central element of digital presence and growth for businesses and creators. It's not just about building a following, but about creating an engaged and connected community that goes beyond mere transactions.


Why Community Building is Essential for Creators

Community building is critical for Creators for several reasons. First, it helps create and strengthen customer loyalty and retention. A strong, engaged community is often a loyal audience that is more likely to buy products, use services, and support a brand or Creator.  

Second, community building encourages engagement and interaction. An active, vibrant community can help increase a Creator's visibility and reach, which can lead to more traffic, leads and ultimately sales. 

Third, a well-maintained community can provide valuable feedback and insights. Creators can learn from the discussions and interactions within the community, which helps them improve their offerings and better address the needs and wants of their audience. 

Finally, community building can help create a strong sense of belonging and trust. At a time when consumers increasingly value authenticity and transparency, an engaged community can help build a brand or creator's trust and credibility. 

In essence, community building can help deepen and strengthen the relationship between Creators and their audience, which can lead to sustainable growth and success.

3 tips for your community building success

Successful community building requires commitment, patience and a clear strategy. We want to show you 3 methods that will help you build a strong and engaged community: 

  1. Structure is everything: Establish clear rules and expectations: 

A successful community needs structure and direction. It is important to establish clear rules and behavioral expectations from the beginning. These should be based on respect, openness and positive communication. It is also helpful to appoint moderators who can help enforce the rules and foster a healthy community environment. 

At Common Ground, you can establish different roles in your community. 

  1. Encourage active engagement:

A vibrant community is one in which members actively participate and interact. You can encourage engagement by regularly sharing relevant and engaging content, initiating discussions, and encouraging members to share their own ideas and experiences. Remember to respond to comments and questions and show appreciation for member contributions.


3. Create a supportive and inclusive environment:

 A successful community is one where members feel valued and heard. Make sure all members have the opportunity to contribute and voice their opinions. Offer support and resources and encourage collaboration and mutual learning.

Community building is an ongoing process that requires continuous engagement and nurturing. However, always keep the well-being of your community in mind, and you will build a loyal and engaged community that can support your business or creative work in a variety of ways.


How Common Ground helps you build your community

Common Ground is the place-to-be for businesses and creators who want to build their community for long-term success. Because with us, you'll find a quiet place - that's yours. We are not a megacorporation and have no interest in over-commercializing our platform. 

Our big goal: That your community belongs to you! Your rules apply here! 

For this purpose we offer the possibility of token gated access, so that you can only accept people into your community who are supposed to be there - a safe space! We also know how important it is for Creators to reward their most loyal fans - for example, by offering special places where they can be especially close to you as Creator.

Just try it out - for free, of course!